Experience is the best teacher - and learning to take care of oneself, and one's own belongings independently, without parental supervision , helps the children to become self-sufficient. They learn to live together, adjust and enjoy themselves with their friends responsibly. Hence the school regularly organizes educational tours to various places, where the children accompanied by the teachers go to learn more, about the history, physical features etc. of the place of their visit, attend various workshops and in general live independently and self-sufficiently.

This year, 8 teachers along with children from classes VIII to XI visited Rajasthan in Nov 2016 as part of their educational trip. Rajasthan is famous for its forts and palaces itís culture and traditions. The children studied about the stunning Art & Architecture of the splendid structures in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. The visit helped them witness the grandeur and magnificence of the historic structures. The stark differences between the Indian and Islamic architecture were clearly explained.They also learnt about the unique flora and fauna that exist in the arid and semi-arid conditions,the sources of the livelihood of the people, the role of the animals like elephants and camels in it, the different financial instruments, used in the market the impact of the tourism and handicraft industries on the revenue are some of the other concepts that the children learnt.It was a great learning experience indeed.

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