Bulbul ( The Bharat Scouts and Guides movement )

Apeejay School Salt Lake has a super enthusiastic flock of Bulbuls who meet every Thursday for flock meetings. The Bulbuls, all girls upto the age of 10, operate in groups or “Sixes” under the guidance of their “Sixer” and “Second Sixer” Each Bulbul is groomed to lead her flock in times of emergency and in everyday activities. The values that this movement inculcates in a Bulbul are being a good individual, a responsible member of the society and a proud patriot. The members are trained to tackle emergencies with a presence of mind, do good to others and reach out to people in need. A Bulbul adheres to the Bulbul Law, Promise and Motto. The Bulbul training ensures overall growth of the child’s personality in addition to her scholastic development.

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