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In the last session 2018 - 19 we started our Mime club under the sincere guidance of Mr. Subir Mistry. He is attached with an organization named Uhinee, Kolkata Theatre Group and the Indian Mime Theatre Institute. In our mime club, we have 20 students from classes 3 to 9. It includes both neurotypical and specially abled students and this is done to ensure the element of inclusivity of our school. Mime, as a silent dramatically approach, helps students to control their restlessness and impulsivity. It even helps them to think more deeply while we work on various contemporary social issues in class. Before starting with the day’s session, we do some physical exercises which are part of the basic steps to learn mime. Mime includes mirroring, controlling reaction time, facial expression recognition etc. These activities are helpful for the specially abled children to improve their communication ability, socialisation skills and increase their attention span. We embark on the new session and sessions ahead with the hope to learn more and perform both within and outside school. The students of the mime club take parts in cultural programme such as the school concert.

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