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Social service club of Apeejay School believes in the motto of service towards society. The club members are engaged in lots of activities which provide help to the weaker sections of the society. The club members regularly check the washrooms and ensure that they are clean and properly maintained. “Documentary films” are also shown time to time based on the life of social reformers like “Mother Teresa”, “Baba Amte” etc. just to inculcate the feeling of social service in young minds. They also collect old winter clothes to distribute among the needy.

The club also works in close association with the underprivileged students of Apeejay Anand Library and KMC schools. The students of our club donate clothes and daily necessary items for their use. The clubs is also instrumental in raising funds and clothes for the school project in Purandil under Village Adoption Programme -an ongoing project of the school.

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